Louise Morrell

Louise Morrell


Graphic design

Web design



Hello, my name is Louise Morrell. Within you will find my creations and designs from past to present. Think of it as an online resume!
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Section of charcoal painting


A small collection of my paintings ranging from charcoal and chalk,
pastels, acrylics and ink on cartridge paper.

Section of scamp

Graphic Design

A range of work from stationary to leaflets, business cards,
corporate logos, magazine designs etc

Section of previously developed website

Web Design

A selection of websites that I have designed and developed
or just developed.

Grace Jones at The Secret Garden Party 2008


Photography taken from festivals of bands, artists and the
festival people.

Presenting the National Student Survey for SSU


I have been involved in film editing, filming, presenting,
interviewing, storyboarding and much more...